Snooker betting strategies you should be aware of

   Snooker betting strategies you should be aware of

Snooker has steadily and slowly gained tremendous popularity in different parts of the world, especially over the past one decade. Moving beyond its conventional base in UK, a huge snooker fan following can be found in China and many European countries today. Betting on snooker games has also evolved as a profitable venture for a great multitude of sports bettors. If you too are interested in betting on snooker, you can enjoy betting offers of the best kind and make your every penny count. Talking specifically about the snooker match betting, you can avail multiple options to place your bets. Apart from the regular match-winner market, you could also indulge in 'handicap' markets, 'next frame winner' markets and even some obscure markets like the timing of the 'century break' and the 'first colour in the next frame'.


Match Format

As in case of any sport, information plays a key role in snooker match betting as well. The format of the match is the first factor that must be considered. Different snooker matches can be of different lengths, starting from a single frame to the 'Best of 37 frames' which is played in the finals of the World Championship.

Single Frame

When it comes to single frame, the match length will have a major influence on the odds. It's very hard to gauge any player in a single frame shootout. In case of such competitions, you must blindly back every outsider, especially if the offered odds are higher than 11/10.


In longer matches, it's usually the better players that prevail in the end, hence you can expect shorter odds. This snooker format enables the player to even drop a few frames and yet find his way back in the match. It also provides the right framework to result in some very dramatic comebacks. For instance, if we remember the World Championship match in 2005, Peter Ebdon scored an amazing comeback, getting the better of Ronnie O'Sullivan the great, with a score line of 13-11. He was behind at 8-2 at one time in that match! One of the major causes of that upset was that Peter Ebdon visibly slowed his play, and took a lot of time in his each shot. Such methodical and grinding type of play affected Ronnie O'Sullivan's game, who got frustrated as the match got longer and longer.

   Snooker betting strategies you should be aware of

Playing style

Playing style is another very important factor to be considered in snooker betting. Some snooker tournaments have a shot clock these days, making it mandatory for a player to play his/her shot within a specific time-period. For instance, Snooker Shootout and Premier League Snooker are two such tournaments that put such restrictions. Many feel that the shot clock gives a distinct advantage to certain players who have mastered their playing speed.

For example, the kinds of Judd Trump and Ronnie O'Sullivan are known to be quick movers around the table, and take their shots very quickly. Resultantly, the shot clock doesn't really affect them. The same is the case with many online snooker games that put a time limit on shots and don't suit every player. But, there are other players like Rory McLeod and Peter Ebdon on the other hand of the spectrum, who are very methodical and slow in their play. Shot clock can be very disadvantageous for such players.