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July 6th 1907. English Billiards.
Tom Reece finished his 'Cradle Cannon' break of 499,135 which began on June 3rd. To read the full story behind this incredible break, and the events that led up to it, click here.

July 10th 1978.
Death of Joe Davis. He and his younger brother Fred are the only players to have won the professional World titles of both English Billiards and Snooker.

July 11th 1885.
Birth of Claude Falkiner. Twice runner-up in the Professional Billiards Championship - 1920 & 1922.

July 15th 1878.
Birth of Melbourne Inman.
Four times Professional Champion of English Billiards, 1912 - 1919; and winner of the first ever match to be played in the World Snooker Championships. He beat Tom Newman 8 - 5 in a match which began on 29th November 1926, and finished on 6th December.

July 24th 2010.
Death of the 'People's Champion' Alexander Gordon Higgins, more commonly known as 'Hurricane Higgins' - winner of the 1972 & 1982 World Snooker Championships.

July 30th 1960.
Death of Walter Lindrum. Considered by many to be the most dominating champion of any sport.

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August 3rd 2020. Snooker.
Ronnie O'Sullivan claimed a new record at the Crucible Theatre in his first round match against Thepchaiya Un-Nooh. His 9 frames to 1 victory took just 108 minutes and included breaks of 101, 85, 115, 74, 88, 76, 65 and 93.

August 6th 2020. Snooker.
John Higgins became only the third player to make 10 maximum breaks in competition (after Ronnie O'Sullivan on 15, and Stephen Hendry on 11), during the World Championships in Sheffield. But despite his 147 he lost to Kurt Maflin by 11 frames to 13.

August 12th 1873. English Billiards.
Birth of Tom Reece. Holder of the unofficial world record break of 499,135.

August 15th 1913.
Birth of Fred Davis, younger brother of Joe. They are the only players to have won both the World Professional Snooker Championship and the World Professional Billiards Championship.

August 15th 1847.
Birth of John Roberts Junior. Eight times Professional Champion of English Billiards:- 1870 (April), 1870 (June), 1871 (January), 1875 (May), 1875 (December), 1877 (May), 1885 (April), & 1885 (June).

August 16th 2020. Snooker.
Ronnie O'Sullivan continued making records by winning the World Championships for the 6th time beating Kyren Wilson by 18 frames to 8 in the final. This win brought him level with Steve Davis and Ray Reardon, and at the age of 44 became the oldest winner since Ray Reardon, aged 45, won in 1978. He also equalled a record held previously only by Joe Davis, by winning a World Title 19 years after his first, Joe Davis 1927 and 1946, O'Sullivan 2001 and 2020. It was also his 37th ranking title beating Stephen Hendry's 36, and his 20th Triple Crown win (World Championship, Masters, and the UK Championship).

August 19th 2006. Snooker.
Dominic Dale scored just 29 points as he was crushed 6 - 0 by Ronnie O'Sullivan in the fastest ever best of 11 match. In just 53 minutes Ronnie made 8 breaks over 60 to win the semi-final of the Northern Ireland Trophy at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast. The frame scores (and breaks) were:-
0 - 129 (65, 64); 12 - 84 (84); 7 - 82 (75); 0 - 130 (67, 63); 9 - 107 (106); 1 - 76 (63)

August 24th 2012. Snooker.
Ken Doherty made an official maximum break, his first in competitive play, in his 4 - 0 win over Julian Treiber in their second round match of the Arcaden Paul Hunter Classic in Germany.

August 27th 2011. Snooker.
Ronnie O'Sullivan claimed his 11th maximum break in competitive play against Adam Duffy in the Paul Hunter Classic in Furth, Germany. It was the 78th in snooker history and set a new record for most career 147s, taking him one ahead of Stephen Hendry.

August 28th 2011. Snooker.
Death of Len Ganley one of snooker's most famous referees, who as a player had a highest break of 136. He acquired the nick-name 'ball-crusher' after appearing in a television commercial for Carling Black Label where he squeezed the cue-ball to dust with his hand. He was awarded the MBE in 1994 for his charitable work and his services to snooker.

August 30th 2011. English Billiards.
Billy Bousfield scored ten points in one shot against John McIntyre during the 2011 IBSF World Billiards Championships at the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow. To score 10 in one shot the cue-ball must strike the red ball first, cannon the object white (or yellow) and all three balls must be pocketed. Scoring 3 points for the red, 3 points for the cue-ball (as it hit the red ball first), 2 points for the object white or yellow, and 2 points for the cannon.

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September 14th 1901.
W.J. Peall, one of the great billiards professionals of the 1880's and 90's, was fined £2 plus costs for breaking the 12mph speed limit.

September 20th 2010. Snooker.
Ronnie O'Sullivan made the 10th competitive maximum break of his career in the final frame of his 3 - 0 third round win over Mark King in the World Open Championship in Glasgow. After potting the first red and black, O'Sullivan then asked if there was additional prize money for a 147 but found there was none. On resuming the break O'Sullivan only potted the final black after being urged to do so by the referee Jan Verhaas. This maximum took him one clear of Stephen Hendry's record.

September 21st 2007.
The BBC reported that the Tate Modern Art Gallery paid £152,000 for an oval billiards table with no pockets entitled 'Carambole with Pendulum' by Gabriel Orozco.

September 22nd 2013. Snooker.
The first ranking tournament final ever contested by two Chinese players, saw Ding Junhui beat Xiao Guodong by 10 frames to 6 in the Bank of Communications Shanghai Masters, held in the huge Shanghai Grand Stage venue.

September 24th 1859.
Birth of J. P. Mannock. Billiards tutor, author of "Billiards Expounded", and creator of the "anti-grip" cue.

September 26th 1934. Snooker.
The first witnessed 147 break was made in Australia by E.J. (Murt) O'Donoghue while playing at the Sports and Billiards Club which he owned in Griffiths, New South Wales. He is now acknowledged as being the first player ever to achieve the maximum even though the break has never been officially recognised.

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