Clip-Art 2

Snooker Cue

This page introduces the next three which contain outline table diagrams which you can print off for your own use.

When you click through to the table images do not be put off by the quality of the image you see. The .pdf format will print a much clearer image than the one you see on screen.

Please read the important notes below to get the best possible results.

Outline Table Diagrams You Can Print Off At Home

One TableTwo TablesFour Tables

To be able to print these pages you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader (or any other decent .pdf reader) installed on your computer.

If you do not have one of these you can usually find one on the cover discs of many computer magazines; or, you can download the Adobe version free.

1) - Once you have Adobe Acrobat Reader (or any other decent .pdf reader)
      installed you are ready to go, but...

2) - The quality of your print will depend on the capabilities of your printer
      and the settings you apply.

3) - For best results set your printer to print at the highest quality possible,
      and use a thickish paper.

Snooker Cue