Chase the Brown

Snooker Cue

The object of this game is to score exactly 31 points, but the final 2 points must be scored by playing a cannon from the black to any ball except brown.
Each player must play a cannon from the black before they are allowed to start scoring, but any foul takes the player's score back to zero. If a player causes the brown to move then that player is out of the game completely.

It is essentially a gambling game but can be enjoyed without playing for money. Any number may take part, but this is best played by four or five players of mixed ability.

It is thought the game may have a connection with the North East of England and could have been devised as a shorter and more deadly version of 'Chase the Green'.

The table set for the game of "Chase the Brown"

The Rules of Chase the Brown

The game is played with just the six snooker colours and the cue ball.

The object of the game is to score exactly 31 points, but the final two points must be made by playing a cannon from the black to any ball except the brown.

To begin scoring each player must first play a cannon from the black to any ball except the brown.

Points are scored by playing cannons which score 2 points, and by potting the colours which, apart from the brown, carry the same values as they do in snooker.

If a cannon and a pot are made in the same stroke they both count, points are scored for each.

To win the game by scoring more than once in the same shot, the cannon off the black must be the last score made in that shot.

Any potted colour is replaced as it would be in snooker.

In the event that the black and brown are touching, or it is judged inevitable that the game cannot end with a legal winner, then the game should be abandoned and any existing stake added to the stake for the next game.

For any foul the players' score is returned to zero, and that player must again play a cannon from the black to resume scoring.

It is considered a foul if a players' score reaches 28, 30, or more than 31.

If a player causes the brown to be struck by any ball he is either:

   out of the game completely, or,

   he can buy himself back into the game if that option is agreed before the game begins.

The winner is either the first player to legally score exactly 31 points, or, the last player left in the game, (after all other players have fouled the brown).

All the usual fouls that are common to snooker apply to this game.


If all players agree before the game begins, they can ignore the requirement to score the last two points by playing a cannon from the black. But keeping the rule makes it a far better game as it allows tactical snookers to be played against the player just needing that cannon to win.


If you can see no easy score available try leaving the black close to a cushion. This usually makes it more difficult for anyone needing to play the cannon from the black, but of course you will have the same problem yourself when you need that cannon to win.

Scoring 26 is not advisable. If you do, your only option then is to pot the green to reach 29 - which then leaves you the cannon from the black to win.

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