Chase the Green

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This excellent game consists of pots and cannons on the five coloured balls only, the reds are obstacles and must never be struck by the cue-ball at any time.

The name is taken from the fact that the green is the only odd-valued ball on the table (in this game the black is worth 8 points), and so must be potted to reach the winning total of 31. It may only be potted in the right-hand baulk pocket, and so any player who pots the Green should attempt to drive it well away from that area of the table with his next stroke.

Each player is given three 'Lives' at the start of the game, and for any foul stroke he loses one 'Life' and his entire score. When a player loses his third 'Life' he is out of the game.

The table set for the game of "Chase the Green"

The Rules of Chase the Green

The game is played with sixteen balls, the cue ball, ten reds, the yellow, green, brown, pink, and black.

To begin the game the table is set as shown in the diagram above. The black is placed on the Spot, the pink on the Pyramid spot, the Brown on the Center spot, the green on the left-hand spot of the 'D', and the yellow on the right-hand spot of the 'D'.
One red is placed on the Center spot of the 'D', four are placed between that red and the brown, three between the brown and the pink, and two between the pink and black.

To begin the game each player is given three 'Lives'.

For any foul stroke the player loses one 'Life', and must take his score back to zero. When a player loses his third 'Life' he is out of the game.

With their first stroke in the game, and with their next stroke after losing a 'Life', each player must play at the pink or the black. If they contact any other ball first, it is a foul.

If the cue-ball contacts any red ball at any time, it is a foul.

If the cue-ball is potted, it is a foul, and the next player must play from the 'D'.

The green ball may only be potted in the right-hand baulk pocket - as arrowed in the diagram above. If it is potted in any other pocket it is a foul.

After a coloured ball has been potted it must be replaced on its own spot, as it was at the beginning of the game. If its spot is occupied it must be placed on the highest spot available, (but never on the Center spot of the 'D'). If all the remaining spots are occupied it must be placed as close as possible to its own spot (without touching any other ball), in a direct line between it and the nearest part of the top cushion.

If any red ball is potted it is a foul, and the red must be replaced on the Center spot of the 'D'. If occupied play must continue with the remaining balls until that spot becomes vacant. If more than one red needs to be replaced then the remaining reds are held off the table while play continues, and are replaced one by one as and when the spot becomes vacant.

Points are scored in the following manner:-

    2 points - For a cannon (between any two coloured balls).
    2 points - For potting the YELLOW.
    3 points - For potting the GREEN.
    4 points - For potting the BROWN.
    6 points - For potting the PINK.
    8 points - For potting the BLACK.

If a player scores points which take his total to 30, or to more than 31, it is a foul.

The winner is either:-

    The first player to score exactly 31 points, or
    The last player to be left in the game - the other players having lost all their three 'Lives'.

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