Two Against One

Snooker Cue

"Two Against One" is best described as being the 'normal' game of snooker doubles, but with one side only having one player who plays against the other two.

So one side has two players, Player A and Player B; the other side has only one player, Player C.

Depending on who made the opening break, the order of play would progress like this:

      Visit 1:- Player A      Visit 2:- Player C
      Visit 3:- Player B      Visit 4:- Player C
      Visit 5:- Player A      Visit 6:- Player C
      Visit 7:- Player B      Visit 8:- Player C
      Visit 9:- Player A              etc.           

or this:

      Visit 1:- Player C      Visit 2:- Player A
      Visit 3:- Player C      Visit 4:- Player B
      Visit 5:- Player C      Visit 6:- Player A
      Visit 7:- Player C      Visit 8:- Player B
      Visit 9:- Player C              etc.           

This is a more satisfying game for three players than "Three-Handed Snooker" as the frame plays out as a normal game.

If all three players are more or less the same standard, then the individual player usually has a slight advantage, as without so long between his visits to the table as his two opponents, his concentration should be a little stronger.

If time allows it's best if each of the three players has one frame as the individual player.

Snooker Cue