Snooker Cue

This is not the most serious game but can be great fun when players are of different abilities, and is ideal for the smaller home table.

In its simplest form it can be played with a few balls from the snooker set, one player or team using the reds, and the other the colours. The balls can be played either with the cue or rolled by hand, but must always be played off two cushions, as shown in the diagram.

The table set-up for the game of "Bowls"

On a full-sized table a sheet of paper, A4 in size, should be placed in the position shown as a target (on a smaller table fold this in half) Each ball that comes to rest on the paper scores one point but only after each round has been completed.

The first player or team to score 21 wins the game.

The game can also be played in a more scientific way with special sets of biased bowls. These can be ordered from most good sports shops and come complete with their own rules.

The Rules of Bowls

If played by two people, six balls are used:- 3 reds & 3 colours.
Each player having three shots.

If played by four, as teams of two, eight balls are used:- 4 reds & 4 colours.
Each player having two shots.

If played by six, as teams of three, twelve balls are used:- 6 reds & 6 colours.
Each player having two shots.

To begin the game a sheet of A4 paper must be placed halfway between the pink and black spots. It can be placed as shown in the diagram, turned around, or if the players agree it can be cut into a circle.

The players or teams must decide who will play first, and the game continues with the players or teams making alternate strokes. The winner of each round plays the first stroke in the next.

Each stroke must be played off two cushions as shown in the diagram, and the balls may be played either by hand or with the cue.

At the end of each round, every ball lying on the paper scores one point.

The first player or team to score twenty-one points wins the game. In the event of a tie, the game continues until one player or team wins by at least two points.

Historical Notes
Willie Smith mentions this game in "How to Play Snooker & other Pool Games" published 1924.

He recommended drawing a circle as the target using light green chalk. Please do not do this, the sheet of paper can be removed so easily, and will never leave any mark.

In any club if you start drawing on the cloth you will become very unpopular, and very unwelcome!

He also showed the target centred on the black spot. This makes the game a little too easy and it is better placed between the pink and black spots.

Snooker Cue