3 Reds

Snooker Cue

This is a very short form of snooker that is ideal for a fast, fun tournament.

In the Salisbury area the local league have organised a 3 red tournament at the end of each season for over 30 years. Entries can number over a hundred and a few qualifying nights quickly reduce these to the last eight who play to a finish on finals night.

The table set-up for the game of "3 Reds"

All the early rounds are of just one frame so even the weakest players stand a chance against the best in the area. Although many scalps fall during the early rounds, it's very rare if one of the best players doesn't win the tournament.

When breaking off, the red immediately behind the pink invariably stays there, creating a tactical problem for both players.

If you pot the second red you can leave a good snooker which is easily missed, but if your opponent pots that ball then you may be left in an awkward snooker yourself.

So you have to decide whether it's worth moving that red at an early stage to protect yourself from such a snooker. With only three reds the scores are generally low, and giving away too many points early on can be fatal.

All the normal rules of snooker apply.

Snooker Cue