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1.  The game of Snooker can be played by two or more persons. The sixteen Pyramid balls, and five of the Pool balls, viz., yellow, green, brown, blue and pink balls, are used. Any rest may be used.

2.  To commence with, the fifteen red Pyramid balls are placed on the table as at Pyramids; the yellow ball is placed on the left hand spot in baulk, the green ball on the centre spot in baulk, and the brown ball on the right-hand spot in baulk; the blue ball is placed on the middle spot, and the pink ball on the billiard spot, each player using the white ball.

3.  The following are the score: Each red ball holed counts one to the striker, the yellow two, the green three, the brown four, the blue five, and the pink six.

4.  The order of play is determined by the marker's giving out the pool balls, as in ordinary Pool, and the first player begins the game from the baulk-circle.

5.  Each player in the first instance must play at a red ball, and should he succeed in taking one or more red balls, he is then bound to play at some one of the pool balls; should he succeed in taking the pool ball he plays at, he must then play at another red ball; if again successful in pocketing it, or any other red ball or balls, he must then play on another pool ball, and so on until all the red balls have been holed; after which the pool balls must be taken in rotation in the following order, viz., yellow, green, brown, blue, pink, when the game is finished.

6.  Whenever any pool ball is taken, it is immediately re-spotted on the spot which it occupied at the commencement of the game, so long as any red ball remains on the table.

7.  The baulk forms no protection at Snooker Pool.

8.  All strokes not played with the point of the cue are foul.

9.  Any score made by a foul stroke does not count.

10.  Foul strokes are made; by touching any ball, before or after a stroke; by playing with both feet off the ground; by playing before a ball has ceased rolling; by playing before a ball has been properly spotted.

11.  Should a player score and touch a ball after the balls have ceased rolling, the next stroke is foul.

12.  If a player, when in hand, touches his ball, it is not a foul stroke.

13.  No red ball is ever replaced on the table after being holed or forced off the table, but should a pool ball be improperly holed or forced off the table, it must be re-spotted on the spot which it occupied at the commencement of the game.

14.  The player who takes the last red ball, may play at any pool ball he chooses, before proceeding to take the pool balls in rotation in the order provided in Rule 5.

15.  If a ball, after being stationary, drops into a pocket, it must be replaced, and any stroke played at it whilst so dropping may be replayed.

16.  Under no circumstances whatever can a player have a ball up, nor, in the event of his being "angled", can he have his ball out.

17.  Should the white ball, after a red one has been holed, touch a pool ball, the striker must nominate the pool ball at which he intends to play.

IntroductionRULES 1 - 17Rules 18 - 34

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