The Spanish (or Skittle) Game

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I have not often seen this game - which the Germans call Kugel-Partie - played in England, but in Vienna and Berlin it is very popular. It is played with three balls, one red and two white, and five Skittles of wooden pins. The Skittles are set up in the centre of the table in a diamond square, about two inches apart, thus. Five Pins

The red ball is placed on the spot, and the first player strikes at it from one of the corner-spots in the baulk semicircle. The game is made by Winning Hazards, Cannons, and by knocking over the Skittles. It is usually played 21-up, though the number of points may be increased at the pleasure of the players. The following are the


I. The player who knocks down a pin after striking a ball, gains two points; if he knock down two pins, he gains four points; and so on, scoring two points for every Skittle knocked over. If he knock down the middle pin alone, he gains five points; but should he topple them all over at one stroke, he wins the game.

II. The player who pockets the red ball gains three points, and two for each pin knocked over by the same stroke.

III. The player who pockets the white ball gains two points, and two for each pin knocked down by the same stroke.

IV. The player who knocks down a pin or pins with his own ball before striking another ball, loses two for every pin so knocked down.

V. The player who pockets his own ball from another ball loses all the points he would otherwise have made by the stroke.

[For instance, if he play at the red ball, pocket it, and make a Cannon, and at the same time knock down two pins, and hole himself, he loses twelve points__three for the red, two for the Cannon, two for each pin, and three for his own ball going in off the red.]

VI. The striker who forces his own ball off the table loses three points, and if he do so after making a Cannon or Hazard, he loses as many points as he would otherwise have gained.

[The rules as to foul strokes, &c. are the same as in the English Game. The players make alternate strokes, after each has scored as many off his break as he can without missing a Cannon or Hazard.]

[Sometimes this game is played with seven or nine Skittles, when the number of points played for is proportionally increased.]

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