Practice: The "Clock"

Snooker Cue

This is an interesting mix of short and longish pots, rest-play, and good cue-ball control.

Snooker: The Clock - 1 The diagram to the right shows how the table should be set when practiced by the less experienced player.

The purpose of this routine is to pot the reds while keeping the cue-ball within the circle.

The reds may be taken in any order, but the cue-ball should always be screwed back towards the centre of the table to make the next pot and positional stroke possible.

It will be found that these longish pots and short screw-backs are not so easy when using the rest.

As with most practice routines the only rule is that when a pot is missed you must replace the balls and start again.

Snooker: The Clock - 1 This second diagram now takes the routine a little further and is designed for more experienced players.

Essentially it is the same as before, but now six of the reds have been replaced by colours.

It should be played as though it were a frame of snooker, following each red with a colour, and then taking the colours in sequence.

This is much harder than the previous example as less balls are now 'on' for the next stroke.

Large breaks are rare, and most players should be very pleased with any breaks over 30.

Snooker Cue