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Posted on 14th January 2001 by Gary Edwards of Portsmouth.

The scores are level in a frame of snooker with only the black remaining. A foul is then committed, is this end of frame?

Yes, this is quite clearly stated in the rules, and it brings the frame to a logical conclusion.

Posted on 9th January by Chris Nicol of Forfar, Scotland.

I cannot seem to be able to set myself up for the colour I want after I pot a red. How do I learn to do this?

Your question is very similar to one posted by Yohan Smith, follow this link to read the reply.

Posted on 5th January 2001 by Jeff.

Where can I download snooker rules of the game.

You can view the rules from the World Snooker Association online, but make sure you read the copyright notice.

Posted on 5th January 2000 by Frank Hammill.

I need some advice on buying a cue please. My best break is 38 and I only play about twice a week. Could you recommend a cue at a reasonable price!

Look at as many cues as you can, and then buy the CHEAPEST one that you like!

When you become familiar with it you'll find that it's either too long or too short; too thin or too thick; too light or too heavy; or too stiff or too whippy.

You will then know enough to choose a cue that suits you perfectly.

Posted on 4th January 2001 by M F MacKenzie of Ullapool, Scotland.

Is it possible to have a snooker holiday in the U. K. with tuition for adults?

There are no organised snooker coaching holidays as such.

Visit the World Snooker Association and you can find an up to date list of qualified coaches.

Select from these ones who live in an area you would like to visit, and contact them directly with your request.

When you find one who can spend say an hour a day with you, then you can start looking for accomodation in that area. The coach will have local knowledge of clubs who will allow you entry.

Posted on 31st December 2000 by Kevin Ryder of Clitheroe.

Billiards Query: When a player has potted the red ball off its spot in three successive strokes, is he then obliged to play an alternative shot?

The limit was changed to two successive pots some years ago although many club players still insist it is three (another good reason for owning a copy of the rules!).

After two pots off its spot, the red is then placed on the centre spot. If potted it is then replaced on its own spot, then if potted twice more it goes back to the centre spot for one pot, and so on.

If the centre spot is occupied the red should be placed on the Pyramid (pink) spot, and if both the centre and Pyramid spots are occupied it is placed on its own spot.

The limit for consecutive hazards (pots and in-offs with no cannons) is fifteen, and the referee must warn the striker after ten consecutive hazards have been made.

Posted on 31st December 2000 by Fred Logan of Glasgow.

I would like to build a Bar Billiards table for home use. Where can I get plans / dimensions?

If anyone is able to help Fred please email snookergames with the details and the information will be passed on.

Posted on 23rd December 2000 by David Coppin of Colchester, Essex.

What are the values of the snooker balls?

Reds = 1 point
Yellow = 2 points
Green = 3 points
Brown = 4 points
Blue = 5 points
Pink = 6 points
Black = 7 points

Posted on 22nd December 2000 by Louise of Renfrewshire.

Can anyone settle an argument and tell me what Stephen Hendry's middle name is?

His full given name is Stephen Gordon Hendry.

Posted on 10th December 2000 by David Sheehan of Cork City, Ireland.

Who is snookers foremost master of ceremonies?

He is former footballer Alan Hughes who has been in showbusiness for over 45 years. He invented the nicknames for many of the top players - including "The Whirlwind of London Town" for Jimmy White and "The Wizard of Wishaw", for John Higgins.

Apart from introducing the players at the televised snooker tournaments he has also introduced over 40 world title boxing matches plus shows at the London Palladium and in Las Vegas.

Posted on 10th December 2000 by Chris Williams of St Helens.

I need plans to build a pool table, can you help?

Yes, follow this link to the bestbilliard.com website and you will find all the information that you need.

Posted on 9th December 2000 by Dustin Hecht.

I am going to buy a table and want to know what the recommended space on each side of the table should be. Thanks.

You should allow an absolute minimum of 6 feet although this will not give you enough room for any chairs or tables. Ideally more space would be required.

One idea that works very well when extra space is available is to raise the floor of that area six inches or so to create a viewing platform. This allows those sitting down an excellent view of the table and the game in progress, and adds a lot of class and charm to the room.

Posted on 3rd December 2000 by Louise McG., of Johnstone, Renfrewshire.

In which English town was the first televised 147 made?

It was made in Oldham, during the 1982 Lada Classic by Steve Davis in a match against John Spencer. Ironically, Spencer would have made the first televised 147 three years earlier during the Holsten Lager Tournament at the Fulcrum Centre, Slough, had the camera crew been manning their posts. Unfortunately they were having a tea break!

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Snooker Cue