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Posted on 22nd December by James Blaize-Smith of Milton Keynes.

I have been told by a friend that if you pot the yellow for example and the yellow spot is unavailable, the yellow is placed on the highest available spot. I have always used the rule 'next' highest available spot. e.g. you have potted the yellow, the yellow spot is unavailable, but the green and black spot are available.

Which spot does it go on? Green or black? Read the reply

Posted on 16th December 2001 by K Rattu of Smethwick.

I've recently purchased a 9 x 4.5 foot snooker table and am considering buying a new set of balls. What is the ideal size of ball that I should purchase for a table of this size?
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Posted on 9th December 2001 by Noel Ridge of Galway, Ireland.

Can you tell me if the miss rule applies to amateur snooker and if so is it only in ranking tournaments or does it now apply to all games?

If the miss rule is being used is it only allowed if the match is being refereed?
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Posted on 17th November 2001 by Philip Fewkes of Nottingham.

What is the smallest possible winning score at snooker after all the balls have been potted, regardless of how unlikely it may be?
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Posted on 17th November 2001 by Barney of Norwich.

A question from the "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" program on the 3rd November 2001.

When only the "colours" remain in a frame of snooker, which ball should be potted immediately after the green. They gave the correct answer as "brown" out of 4 possible options:   A - yellow, B - brown, C - blue, D - pink.

Is this correct as if the yellow is one of the colours it must be potted before the brown.
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Posted on 9th November 2001 by Kevin Eaton of Staplehurst.

What is the best method to play a shot off the cushion. If the white is flush with the cushion how can you be accurate and safe.
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Posted on 27th October 2001 by Oliver Golding of London.

If the white is potted, can the player who is next to play get a free ball by cunning placing of the white in the D when a red might otherwise have been fully visible from elsewhere in the D.
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Posted on 20th October 2001 by Michael Jackson of Nottingham.

I played my shot and the white stopped very near to a pocket without dropping in. I moved away from the table and my partner approached the table preparing to take his shot. Whilst deciding how to play his shot the white ball dropped into the pocket without being touched. Who loses the points for the foul and why?
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Posted on 13th October 2001 by Amanda Hockley of South Petherton.

I have a couple of Burroughs & Watts Snooker Plus balls, orange and purple, in their box and allegedly dating back to pre 1906 which seems feasible from the history of their owner.

I would be interested to know a bit more of their history such as who truly invented the game and why it was dropped, I understand it was to give a higher break than 147 but that's about all.

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Posted on 5th October 2001 by John Williams of Birmingham.

Where can I get a copy of the rules of English Billiards?
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Posted on 22nd September by Jordan Tan of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

My snooker cue smells of cigarette smoke ! How do I get rid of the smell without ruining the cue?

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Posted on 25th August 2001 by Ernie Harvey of Kap, Canada.

My friend recently recovered his 4 x 8 table and wanted to know the radius of the "D", and the locations of the baulk line and spots for this size of table.
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Posted on 17th August by Peter Kleindienst of Grafton, Australia.

A question that has come up on a few occasions at our local services club has been with regards to when in attempting to break the reds a clean miss occurs.

Can a free ball be taken as neither side of the object ball is visible?
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Posted on 13th August 2001 by Roger Lo of Derby.

Do you know the name and singer of the two songs that are always playing in the snooker tournament programmes by UK BBC TV?
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Posted on 4th August 2001 by Dave, of Fife, Scotland.

Is there a difference in size between a billiard table and a snooker table? I was led to believe that snooker was played on a billiard table.
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Posted on 13th July 2001 by Chris of Stockport.

I have an old Horace Lindrum billiards cue, one piece maple with an ebony butt and a picture of HL on the butt plate. Do you know of any sites that would give me an idea of the value for insurance purposes?
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Posted on 8th July by Neil Reece of Auckland, New Zealand.

I am right handed, when walking into a shot where should my body be in relation to the line of the balls. eg my right hip in line or the centre of my body. When holding the cue during cueing, am I correct in believing that the inside of my forearm and thumb should form a straight line as should the back (not outside) of my hand and forearm.
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Posted on 8th July 2001 by John of Hong Kong.

If a snooker game is draw:-
a) Is it right to put the black ball back on its spot and the cue ball in the "D" area.
b) And is it also correct that if the cue ball goes in-off I will lose the game?
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Posted on 28th June 2001 by Steve Rogers of Orpington, Kent.

Is there a correct or best size for the cue tip. They come in different sizes, but what is best? I tend to feel more confident with a very small tip, say 8mm. Is it a good idea for me to continue or would a larger tip be more responsive.
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Posted on 17th June 2001 by Neil Connolly of Dublin.

Every time I play snooker I always get kicks when the cue ball hits the object-ball. How do I stop this, it is really annoying and I don't know what I am doing wrong.
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