Snooker to Be Included In 2019 African Games.

For the first time in the history of the African continent, a major milestone is going to happen in the Snooker sporting world by including this game in the upcoming 2019 African Games. The historic news set a stage for new and young snooker aspirants as a boon to establish and showcase their talent to the world level by giving them a perfect platform in the African games.

The news was officially announced by the African Billiard and Snooker Confederation (ABSC) that they proudly introduce for the first time in the African history to include Snooker later in this year, 2019. Effectively, it means that you can bet on one more great sport in the next African games. If you are into online betting, try out these betting offers for UK customers, which you are surely going to love.

History of African Games.

l   The first African Games was launched in the year 1965, and thus these African games carry rich history which has seen many legends in the different sporting areas participating across the globe, and have been conducting these games yearly for more than half a century.
l   In the initial years, a total of 30 countries participated in the African games where 2500 athletes were taking part in different regions of the globe.

The 2019 African Games.

Currently, the African Games is being managed by the joint venture of three committees which are as follows,

   Ø   African Union (AU)
   Ø   Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa which is popularly known as         ANOCA, and
   Ø   Association of the African Sports Confederations or shortly known as AASC.

The Man behind making this historic event a reality..

For years the decision to include snooker as one of the permanent games in the yearly African Game edition has been in the process for a long time, and every effort was initiated by the African snooker association that is by the African Billiards and Snooker Confederation (ABSC).

But this dream was taken to the next level and made a reality by the power of the ruling government in Africa. The man behind the successful launch of the Snookers game in the upcoming African Games in 2019, and who gave the snooker an international recognition in the African continent is the honorable president of the African continent, Mr. Mohammed El-Kammah. His long-,term vision and hard work made no stones unturned until he got the approval of Snookers to get included in this Annual African Game and every citizen of Africa can thank him for his great contribution towards this sport.
His dream does not stop by the launch of snookers games alone, his next vision is to include the Mediterranean games in the Annual African games as well which he is hoping to achieve in the near future. He also wishes his African players to get international recognition and sponsorship to earn a good fortune through this Snooker game tournaments.