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Stun is probably the most useful positional shot in the game and one of the easiest to learn. It should be studied seriously by all new players.

Stun - and the angled pot.

"Stun" and a straight pot. It has already been shown how useful this shot can be on a straight pot, yet it gives even greater positional accuracy when the shot is at an angle. This diagram is just a reminder of how stun can stop the cue-ball dead on a straight pot.

"Stun" and an angled pot. This second diagram shows how stun works when the same pot is at angle. The cue-ball cannot stop dead and it is forced away at an angle somewhere around 90°.
In both cases the cue-ball would be struck in exactly the same way - just fractionally below centre and fairly hard but with little or no follow-through of the cue.

Practice the exercises below and your close control of the cue-ball should improve immensely. Experiment with this position, try to miss the reds or move them closer to the pink. Create your own variations in diferent areas of the table, perhaps using a similar shot that you played badly during a recent match.

     "Stun" Run-Through   Pure "Stun"  "Stun" with Screw

Shows where to strike the cue-ball to play a "Stun Run-Through", "Pure Stun", and the "Stun with Screw"

The striking points shown for each shot only give an indication of where to strike the cue-ball to achieve that result. The exact aiming point will always depend on the distance between the two balls, and the strength that you play the shot.

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